Making Disciples - Part 2

Why Are There Few Christian Discipleship Makers? – Part 2


Randy Pope

President of Life on Life Ministries



In the previous video, I mentioned that there were three difference makers for me, and I’m finding for other people, that took me from being a non-disciple maker to an effective one. And I mentioned that the first of those three difference-makers, was a change of mindset. I had to think differently.

I realized that I had to think differently about myself, because I said, “I just can’t do that.” I don’t see myself as someone who can make disciples. In fact, were I to ask you to come up with a handful of adjectives that would describe the person that is an evangelist, what terms come to mind?

Well, what I thought about were extrovert, bold, confident, maybe even obnoxious. And those words didn’t describe me. Well, maybe I’m obnoxious sometimes, but actually it didn’t describe me. And I thought, “That’s not who I can be.” But then my mind began to change as I read scripture and saw the things that Jesus was saying.

When He says, “follow me, I will make you fishers of men.” It was not that, you know, I might, or I could. He said he would, and he wasn’t singling out certain people. I thought, wow. Then I guess I can. My mind also had to change about other people too. That is, to realize that people outside faith in Christ are destined to be separated from God for all eternity.

And that’s quite a motivation. I know this—it certainly helped me when I heard the definition of a successful witness. When I heard the definition, I said, “wow,” I think I could do that.

And that was this: Sharing Christ in the power of the Holy Spirit, and listen to this. Leaving the results up to Him.

Just by taking that out of the equation, I thought, hmm, I can do that if it doesn’t require success. So, mindset is extremely important, but I’ll say this. Mindset alone would have never gotten me from where I was to where I am. It meant that I also had to have an effective strategy, which I did not have. And so in the next video, we’ll talk about what is an effective strategy.

I think you’ll find it to be very interesting.


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