Next Steps for Training Disciples

You have now completed the second lesson which provides an overview of a two-step process for engaging in the Life on Life movement. This two-step process is “making disciples” and “training disciples.”

In this lesson, “Training Disciples life-on-life,” the focus is on the spiritual formation with the goal of Christian men and women becoming mature followers of Christ who are equipped to help other Christians become mature and equipped. This lesson introduced an “operating system” that is distinctively different from what ministries are typically doing to help people in their spiritual formation.

If, after this brief introduction, you would like to be a part of this exciting movement of seeing people become mature and equipped followers of Christ, we have additional resources to assist you and you can always register for an upcoming training cohort.

If this lesson have given you a new insight into making and training disciples, please share it with your friends. This is an exciting time to see people’s lives transformed as they embark upon their gospel search and their gospel journey.