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If you are interested in joining a 2021 Cohort please fill out the application below.

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Are you committed as the senior pastor to function as the Movement Champion who will personally disciple 3-5 men and tell stories of life transformation?

Are you willing to bring a team with you to the three Clinics? A team of is 4-6 members (including you) ideally 2-3 male leaders and 2-3 female leaders

Are you willing to participate fully in the follow-up process after the clinics? (Pastor’s Ignition Group and monthly Leadership Communities)

Join Us In Making Disciples!

If you have not already, please sign up for an Info Call.

Once you apply, you will also have an interview with a Life on Life staff to see if there is a mutual fit to move forward with the Cohort.

After being accepted into the cohort, you will receive registration information and other details.

Monthly Info Calls

Interested to learn more about our training process? Our monthly information calls are a convenient way to get your questions answered from the comfort of your home or office.

Calendar of Events

Whether you are part of a current cohort or looking to learn more, check out all of our live and virtual events to see where you can take the next step.

Training Workshops

Exclusively for current cohorts, our workshops are multi-day gatherings where church leaders dive into deep lessons, share experiences, and develop their skills.