The Training Process

Discipleship Training that Transforms Your Church


The Discipleship Training Process

Life on Life discipleship training involves an intentional, highly relational process. And your church will never be the same.

We are pastors leading life-on-life missional discipleship movements in our own churches, and we have seen it transform our people and impact our communities. We want to help you launch this movement in your own church by using a proven, intentional discipleship training process.

We’ll guide you each step of the way


Directing and delegating is not enough.
We equip and support you through weekly and monthly coaching calls.


Our workshops are multi-day gatherings where church leaders dive into deep discipleship lessons, share experiences, and develop their skills.


You’re not alone. Be a part of a leadership community with other churches that are working to ignite movements of discipleship.

A Bigger Vision

We want to help you establish a movement, but it doesn’t stop there. Be envisioned and equipped to give this away in your city.

2024 Cohort Applications are Open!

Life on life missional discipleship, the kind that Jesus himself demonstrated for us, might seem simple. In reality, it takes passion, persistence, and training to put it into action and spark a disciple-making movement. This is why we developed a step-by-step discipleship leadership training process for church pastors and leaders looking to bring transformational discipleship to their churches.

Here’s how it works:

1) Select a Team: We recommend that you spend time carefully selecting a team of spiritually mature members from your church who will ultimately lead the first life-on-life discipleship groups.

2) Identify the Leader: We call the leader of this team the “movement champion.” The best person to fill this role is typically the senior pastor, although discipleship pastors and even lay-leaders can be movement champions.

3) Join with Other Teams in a Discipleship Cohort: You will join other church teams in a multi-day live workshop. The teams will receive biblical discipleship training and action plans to help you successfully implement Jesus-shaped discipleship in your church. Too many discipleship conferences bring people together for a few exciting days and then send people on their way. Not us. The discipleship training does not end there.

4) Weekly Coaching Calls: Over the next few months, the movement champion will participate in 12 weekly coaching calls. The leader will then lead his or her church team through the same weekly study.

5) Launch Your First Discipleship Groups: Shortly after the 12 discipleship training coaching calls are completed, each member selects and then later launches their discipleship groups.

6) Second Discipleship Workshop: After launching your discipleship groups, the church team prepares for their second live workshop where they will gain the tools needed to pass on the Life on Life model.

7) More Coaching Calls: Monthly coaching calls continue with the original movement champions.

8) Third and Final Discipleship Workshop: All members of the church team attend a third and final workshop. As the groups prepare to multiply, all participants are supplied with the materials, discipleship training curriculum, and guidance they need to stay on track and continue the momentum.

We are intentional and missional in our approach to our discipleship leadership training. As you ignite a culture change of deep, authentic discipleship through this model of life-on-life missional discipleship, you will emulate the way Jesus poured himself into his close circle of disciples, who went on to train others to do the same. In this way, together, we are seeing church discipleship programs raise up Christian leaders across the globe, and churches and cities are being transformed.

We believe discipleship matters, so we walk with you every step of the way, helping you to establish a strong, healthy discipleship movement in your church. Then, when you’re ready, you can join other pastors and leaders who are giving Life on Life away to their cities and beyond in this global movement.

When a culture of disciple-making takes root, God does extraordinary things in individuals, families, and communities. Join the many pastors and church leaders who are discovering deeper levels of relationship within their circles of influence and joy in personal ministry.

Jesus showed us how to disciple in his three years of ministry, and we are simply following his example and seeing the fruits.

Want to learn more? Attend an Info Call to learn more about life-on-life missional discipleship training!

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