Gospel Living – A Primer for “The Journey”

An excellent choice for someone considering The Journey or needing a shorter 6-week study. Shop the Gospel Living now and prime yourself for The Journey.


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Are you interested in trying out the Journey? This Gospel Living resource is the perfect way to get started. Gospel Living is an actual section of "The Journey," delivered as a printed booklet, and an excellent choice for someone considering The Journey or looking for a shorter 6-week study (the full Journey curriculum includes 3 different years of curriculum). The booklet includes the Gospel Living section of "The Journey" and a CD with all the audio messages from that section.

Through this Gospel Living study, you will experience the TEAMS approach that supports an interactive discipleship group. Each unit of the Journey includes 5 important parts: Truth, Equipping, Accountability, Mission, and Supplication. This format has been used to develop countless spiritually mature men and women.

If you have the right leader (a mature and equipped follower of Christ), who labors well in the lives of a few hungry followers (life on life), with a gospel centered, biblically based, well thought through curriculum, and an effective “operating system” like TEAMS, you have a formula for building strong spiritual leaders.

Start learning the foundational principles for Life-on-Life missional discipleship with Gospel Living. Gospel Living is only available for shipping within the United States.

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