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Top 8 Apps for Discipleship Groups


Looking for some of the best apps for discipleship? You’re in the right place!

In 1455, there was a major technological breakthrough that dramatically increased the available resources for discipleship around the world. The Gutenberg Bible was the first book to be printed on the new mechanical printing press, which dramatically increased the speed and ease at which books could be created.

Overtime, this invention made it possible for common people to own a Bible, read it, and study it. Translations from the likes of John Wycliffe, William Tyndale and others also made the Bible far more accessible for people who wanted to know God more intimately. 

Today, we are in the midst of another technical revolution. The ability to store and share information digitally has made the Bible and Biblical resources more available than ever before. Readers can access thousands of different translations for free online. Incredible libraries of commentaries can be found in a single app on your phone. 

In this article, we will share some of our favorite online resources and top apps for discipleship. We define a disciple as  “a follower or student.” Every student and follower is going to want to learn, grow, and get to know the person they are following. Each of these online resources will help you grow on your discipleship journey.

ESV Bible App

Great discipleship prioritizes time in the Word of God. The ESV Bible app is one of our favorites for studying the Bible on your phone or tablet. The app is designed to recreate reading the Bible on a printed book as much as possible. Features include intuitive search, an audio reading of the entire Bible, reading plans, and the ability to make personal notes.

The app itself is free, however there are in-app purchases available. You can dive deeper with additional study Bibles like the Gospel Transformation Bible and the ESV Study Bible. 

Read Scripture App

Another great resource for reading the Bible is the Read Scripture app. This app for discipleship also leverages the ESV Bible, but provides some helpful and accessible videos from the Bible Project

Each book of the Bible has an animated style overview video inside the app. These videos provide helpful context that help enrich your study of the Bible. Books of the Bible are organized into story themes, showing how the Bible fits together and points to Jesus.

The Journey Online Experience

The Journey is a Gospel-centered resource that is designed to help a disciple maker develop mature and equipped followers of Christ, who will be able to do the same with others.

We have seen God use the Journey to change families, communities, workplaces and cities. 

Now available as a new online experience, the Journey provides great content and leverages the TEAMS format for effective discipleship discussions. It is Biblically based, and the online version enables leaders to customize their course selection and even write their own content. 

The Journey online Experience

Messaging Apps

Staying connected is an important part of discipleship groups. You can certainly leverage text messages, but there are also several popular messaging apps available that provide more flexibility and focus for discipleship conversations.

WhatsApp is a popular app for texting and group texts. Slack and Teams are both popular messaging apps inside many organizations. You can use them to create specific channel topics or to send group and direct messages. You may have a channel for questions or reminders about the curriculum, you could have a channel for funny memes, and another channel for prayer requests. These channels make it easy to find and refer back to previous conversations and chats.

Bible Hub

Looking for great commentaries? Want to dive deeper into the Word and learn from experts from around the world and throughout history? The Bible Hub app allows you to read the Bible in a wide variety of translations and is accompanied by a number of free resources and commentaries.

The Bible Hub is one of the more popular christian apps for bible study because it is easy to navigate, and each verse is accompanied by study resources, sermons, commentaries, and more. Another popular app for in-depth Bible study and commentaries is called Logos.

GodTools App for Evangelism

If you’re looking for an app that will help you share the gospel and make disciples, then check out the GodTools App from Cru. GodTools exists to help you have conversations about Jesus with the people you care about.

The GodTools app includes lessons, diagrams, stories and more that are designed to help give you confidence and the tools you need to effectively share the gospel with others. If you want to learn more about sharing the gospel, Life on Life also offers a training course called Express Your Faith.

Organize your Prayers with Prayer Notebook

Praying for each other is an important aspect of discipleship, but it can be difficult to remember who requested what prayers and when they needed those prayers. Prayer Notebook is designed to help you organize and remember all the things you want to pray about.

Scheduled reminders help you remember to pray for things on a regular basis (daily, weekly, or monthly) and you can also set alerts for specific events (such as a surgery or job interview). You can also add your contacts to the prayer list and quickly send them a message from the app as you pray for them.

Fighter Verses for Scripture Memory

We genuinely believe that scripture memory is one of the most beneficial, and often one of the most neglected, ways to grow as a disciple. Scripture memory helps embed God’s truth into our hearts, but it can be a challenge for most people.

Fighter verses is a great app for discipleship groups because it provides many different tools to help you memorize scripture more consistently and effectively. Features include, 1,000+ preloaded verses, multiple translations and languages, quizzes to help you memorize, songs, review prompts, and customizable memory programs so you can focus on the verses you want to memorize.


There are countless applications available today that can help you grow as a disciple maker and trainer. Ultimately, you want to find resources and tools that help you learn truth, equip you for ministry, help hold you and others accountable, support you going on mission, and lead you to spend more time in supplication and prayer.

Check out these resources today and prayerfully consider how you may use these apps for discipleship groups and in your church. Want to learn more about launching a discipleship movement in our church? Then check out our discipleship training program.