Training Disciples - Part 7

What are next steps? (part 7)


Randy Pope

President of Life on Life Ministries



Well, let me once again, say thank you for taking the time to invest in watching these videos. We hope it’s been helpful. And if it has, I hope that you have not heard me saying that this is the only way to do discipleship. It really isn’t. But it is a way that has been a blessing, not just here, but, as I mentioned, all over the world and across the country. You might be saying, “I would really like to know a little bit more about that.”

You heard me mention at the closing about a curriculum. What is the curriculum? Is that the only curriculum that can be used? We’re developing, even now, more and more different short videos like this, that address the questions you’re asking. For now, you may be on Keep exploring our website. If you’re not on our website, go, and I think you will find it to be very helpful to start resourcing you. And again, we’re continuing to develop more and more.

We believe the greatest impact comes through a movement among churches. But we realize that there are so many people that are not in a church that’s going to be doing life-on-life missional discipleship. Perhaps you’ve got a hunger to impact people’s lives. We have seen that if you impact a few lives, they can turn around and impact a few more, and the next thing you know, God has used you in an amazing way to touch so many lives. We’d love to help you in that endeavor. And so, connect with us, contact us, and keep watching on our website, because we’re going to keep putting out more and more content on an ongoing basis.

So again, thank you. It’s been a privilege to be able to interact in the way we do over this particular medium. We hope that this has been helpful, and any way we can help in the future, we will be delighted.


If you would rather read this series, you can download the Making and Training disciples booklets here.