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The Journey

A Gospel Centered Resource For Discipleship

The Journey is a gospel centered resource for discipleship, designed to help a disciple maker develop mature and equipped followers of Christ, who will be able to do the same with others.

It has been designed and proven to be a resource that is helpful in the context of a local church that is implementing life-on-life missional discipleship.

A Resource to Empower Multiplying Movements

Leader Resources

Each weekly unit has an accompanying leader guide, and an equipping video by Randy Pope, walking you through how he uses each lesson in his group.

Digital & Multi-Year

The curriculum is broken out into three years (Red, Blue, or Green) that are available for individual purchase. The three years may be used in any order.

Direct Access

All content is sold and distributed directly through a dedicated website.


A primer for Life-On-Life Discipleship

​Many pastors and leaders are slowly awakening to the reality that current models of ministry just aren’t working the way they had hoped they would. Randy’s journey as a pastor will encourage and invite you to consider the effectiveness and fruitfulness of your own church’s discipleship efforts.

Express Your Faith

Helping Others Investigate Christ

Express Your Faith is a method of effectively sharing your faith developed by Randy Pope, lead teaching pastor of Perimeter Church. Some of the essentials you will learn include how to

Transition a conversation from secular to spiritual

Help your friends investigate Christ

Provide resources for others to easily investigate Christ

Introduce others to Christ and help them begin to follow Him

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  • EYF Additional Participant Set (10-pack)

    This expansion pack allows you to save on additional Express Your Faith materials for larger groups.

    View $150.00
  • Express Your Faith Workbook (Single)

    This is an individual version of the Express Your Faith workbooks, written by Randy Pope.

    View $8.00
  • Express Your Faith (Workbook – 10 pack)

    Express Your Faith is a method of effectively sharing your faith developed by Randy Pope, lead teaching pastor of Perimeter Church. Some of the essentials you will learn include how to:

    • Transition the conversation from secular to spiritual
    • Help your friend want to investigate Christ
    • Provide resources for then to easily investigate Christ
    • Introduce them to Christ and help them begin to follow Him

    View $50.00
  • Gospel Living – A Primer for “The Journey”

    An excellent choice for someone considering The Journey or needing a shorter 6-week study.

    View $12.00
  • Next Steps Booklets

    Next Steps Booklets help new believers take the first steps of their spiritual journey. A great follow-up for the Life Issues Booklets.

    View $8.00$50.00
  • The Intentional Church

    A blueprint for pastors and church planters to cultivate a flourishing church community.

    View $14.99

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How to Start a Discipleship Ministry

In this article, we will share several key principles for successfully starting a discipleship ministry in your church. We’ve used these principles to help build discipleship movements in hundreds of churches around the world.

Church Leadership

One question every pastor needs to answer is this: What are the church leadership roles and responsibilities? In other words, who does what? What roles should be done by the church staff? And what roles should be done by church members?

The Role of The Pastor: Equipping People for Ministry

Jesus calls all of his people to do ministry, not just the professional leaders. What, then, is the role of the pastor? In this article, we will explain the role of the pastor as a “leader-equipper” and explore 3 common views of this role in the church today.

Discipleship Groups vs Small Groups

Discipleship groups and small groups are important to church ministry, but there are several key distinctions every leader should be aware of.

Setting Pandemic Goals

In the midst of the Covid-19 pandemic, disappointment and frustrations will continue to build unless you adjust to the new reality.

Planning Your Time in a Pandemic

You may think – “Let me get the urgent out of the way, then get on with the really important.” Actually, that doesn’t work – the important things always get left behind. Family, time with God, relationships, etc. – these are things that we lose.

Social Connection While Physical Distancing

Maybe what’s bothering you is not being able to go out and see a friend – to shake a hand, give a hug, and have lunch. Or maybe it’s the fifth Zoom call of the day that takes just a bit more energy than a face-to-face conversation.

Adjusting Accountability

“Assume nothing” is a motto I try to live by in leading a discipleship group. I want to lead in a way that prioritizes listening over assumptions. This is a challenge, because we are all making assumptions constantly.

Living Generously in a Time of Crisis

Living missionally is hard because it is a call to live generously. It’s not natural to make your life about others for their benefit and not your own. At least, it isn’t for me. But I don’t think I am alone in that.

Authentic Discipleship

Life-on-life is spiritual formation with a telescopic lens; it brings life up close and personal so that no one can hide or, worse, fall through the cracks. For that reason it can be messy and, well, real.


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